I Quit Coffee

I stopped drinking coffee last Monday. Today was Day 9 without it.

The process was easier than I expected. I had forehead pressure every morning for the first 4-5 days as my body anticipated the caffeine it was used to receiving. I yawned more frequently and I was more irritable than usual. All of those symptoms were pretty much gone by the end of the week.

On Day 1 without coffee, I drank a cup of decaf. On several occasions last week, I had a cup of green tea. The other days, including today, I just had water.

I had been drinking two cups of coffee a day (always in the morning) for years, but a few months ago I dropped down to one cup a day. I don’t drink any other caffeinated beverages (I gave up soda in March), which is likely why I didn’t have super-intense caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

Now that the headaches and irritability are gone, do I miss not drinking coffee? Yes, I do. I enjoy the taste. I miss my one cup of coffee, with a little bit of cream and a packet of stevia. I miss not having it in the morning when I get to work. However, once I get past that first hour or so, I don’t think about it anymore.

Of course the biggest question is, WHY did I give up coffee?

Earlier this year, I started doing extensive research into my hypothyroidism condition. Even though I’ve been on medication to regulate my thyroid hormones for almost three years, I felt like it wasn’t helping my fatigue. I was fed up with feeling tired — and irritable — a vast majority of the time.

In many of the same places I was reading that people with hypothyroidism shouldn’t eat gluten, I was reading that coffee can cause the same type of negative reaction. So if I was willing to give up gluten, it made sense to give up coffee as well.

Unfortunately, I can’t just switch to decaf. It’s not the caffeine that is thought to interfere with thyroid function — it’s the coffee itself.

I have no idea if coffee has anything to do with my thyroid issues or symptoms, but it can’t hurt to give it a try. If I’m serious about doing whatever it takes to feel better, giving up coffee seems like a small sacrifice.

Will I ever drink coffee again? It’s too soon to tell, but I’m leaning towards leaving it out for the foreseeable future. I think I would be more likely to save it for special occasions rather than drink it every day.

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